New shit just keeps on evolving!

Yo man, Chigago!

Vocal tests, lots of production of guitars and drums been done lately. New shit will hit the fan and it shall be glorious! We have two tunes in the works and as you can hear from the snippets provided, there are many layers of onions to peel before you are done with this stuff.

I haven't really figured out the names of the songs, nor are the lyrics entirely ready and up to snuff yet but it's getting there. Mainly the vocal parts are flowing into the mix really nicely and thanks to Tommi and Aki doing a lot of the groundwork for the songs on their own time we have had some smooth-ass sailing with tracks to really bring new fresh ideas to the table while maintaining the style I had going on "Into The Formless Dawn".

We will be releasing this stuff as a "two side" single, at least that's the grand plan. I'll keep you guys posted and keep your eyes open on out Twittah and Instah, and Facebooyah, for we shall bring news in many forms and through many platforms. (Mainly because we are so fucking lost in this Social Media jungle...)

Cheers and fucks,

Tuomas & ASCP