Wading into the thousand lakes

Last rehearsal we went and tried out a true legend of a song, Into Hiding by Amorphis. It was fucking awesome! The song itself is a masterpiece of the golden era of Finnish metal and what fun it was to play it. It took a few run throughs to get everything down as none of us (except Esa, that fucker always comes prepared and loaded with selfmade tabs and shit) had played the song in ages and just had listened to the song a few times. Then it was a smooth ride, really. We played the shit out of that one once we got it going!

I would venture a guess we shall be doing more of this covering stuff in the days to come. We have already taken a shot at Paradise Lost's Embers Fire and Machine Head's Davidian so we're cool with this type of stuff. Maybe if and when we get to the live circuit a shit ton of covers will be on the menu right next to our own material. CAN'T WAIT!