New shit just keeps on evolving!

Yo man, Chigago!

Vocal tests, lots of production of guitars and drums been done lately. New shit will hit the fan and it shall be glorious! We have two tunes in the works and as you can hear from the snippets provided, there are many layers of onions to peel before you are done with this stuff.

I haven't really figured out the names of the songs, nor are the lyrics entirely ready and up to snuff yet but it's getting there. Mainly the vocal parts are flowing into the mix really nicely and thanks to Tommi and Aki doing a lot of the groundwork for the songs on their own time we have had some smooth-ass sailing with tracks to really bring new fresh ideas to the table while maintaining the style I had going on "Into The Formless Dawn".

We will be releasing this stuff as a "two side" single, at least that's the grand plan. I'll keep you guys posted and keep your eyes open on out Twittah and Instah, and Facebooyah, for we shall bring news in many forms and through many platforms. (Mainly because we are so fucking lost in this Social Media jungle...)

Cheers and fucks,

Tuomas & ASCP

New material coming and FREE album NOW!

Yo yo yo, and a bottle of rum!

We have activated on the writing sector and have now entered preproduction phase of new material. There is a little video on the front page with some new stuff to check out!

Current plans are for a 4 song EP or maybe a full length, but we shall decide which it is on a later date.

Keep up with the news here and/or on our Twitter and Facebook!

To celebrate our advance we released Into The Formless Dawn for FREE on Bandcamp as a digital download so GO GET IT! Like FUCKIN' NOW!

To destroy, one must...well...destroy

Yes. We are slowly moving towards our first live performance(s) and are thus working our asses off getting a working setlist together. Being a virtually unknown band with virtually unknown material we decided to combine our own arsenal with borrowed weapons of mass destruction. So, the live set will bring forth a ton of covers as well as our own songs from the Into The Formless Dawn album and possibly something new.

This weekend will see us throwing together a nice Sunday rehearsal, which is always fun. This time around we have a few songs on offer that shall be our testimony to the greatness of one Finnish legend and two Swedish uber powerful groups. Sentenced has been a very close favorite of mine for years, and I can probably speak for us all in saying that without Sentenced there would be very different times in Finland metal-wise, and probably otherwise as well. The Way I Wanna Go is just one of a multitude of awesome songs they have in their striking catalogue of albums, but the reason this one got picked this time is how it sutures up the tear in time that Jarwa's departure caused in the metal dimension of time and space. He left after this stuff, and sealed one era into a stinking coffin that we the old skool Sentenced-fans still visit to pay our dues.

And thinking of other stuff we want to introduce to our setlist, Amon Amarth's Runes To My Memory came up immediately. To destroy live, we must indeed destroy. And to achieve that extra destruction to our punch, this shit will do well! Heavy as a celestial body, relentlessly melodic and tells a fucking story of a fucking viking fucking falling in battle against some fucking ambushing cowards and fucking dying on a fucking riverbank thinking of his family, his loved ones. Yes, it will do.

Nemesis. I wrote a song called Nemesis, but this isn't it. Probably the only song with a female vocalist I can interpret in my own way and still remain at least remotely credible, Arch Enemy's Nemesis will work. It works like a clockwork on their album, their live shows and to be brutally blunt, we fucking nailed it at last rehearsal with one go. So, here we go. Lots of metal coming your way!

Now, let's start getting those dates sorted.

Wading into the thousand lakes

Last rehearsal we went and tried out a true legend of a song, Into Hiding by Amorphis. It was fucking awesome! The song itself is a masterpiece of the golden era of Finnish metal and what fun it was to play it. It took a few run throughs to get everything down as none of us (except Esa, that fucker always comes prepared and loaded with selfmade tabs and shit) had played the song in ages and just had listened to the song a few times. Then it was a smooth ride, really. We played the shit out of that one once we got it going!

I would venture a guess we shall be doing more of this covering stuff in the days to come. We have already taken a shot at Paradise Lost's Embers Fire and Machine Head's Davidian so we're cool with this type of stuff. Maybe if and when we get to the live circuit a shit ton of covers will be on the menu right next to our own material. CAN'T WAIT!

And here we go, the new site is UP!

This here is A Soul Called Perdition official site, which shall bring you the latest happenings within the band, what is cooking in the cauldron called creativity and when the shit will hit the fan.

Come one, come all, and spread the word that WE ARE COMING LIKE THE AUGUST RAIN!